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Featured image for “My Top Resources for Small Business Owners”

My Top Resources for Small Business Owners

A Dynamic Duo for planning and progress Running a small business is both exciting and hard. When you add in…

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What is a Personal Branding Session

Details of a branding session A question I am asked often is “What is a Branding Session and how does…

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Behind the Scenes of Product Photography

Lifestyle, Modeled, e-commerce Product Photography. What’s the difference? Let me ask a question. Have you ordered something online lately? Did…

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Featured image for “Digital Files and Business”

Digital Files and Business

HOW CAN PROFESSIONAL DIGITAL IMAGES ELEVATE YOUR BUSINESS? Whether you are a small business, non-profit, local boutique, handmade Etsy shop,…

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Featured image for “Looking Forward”

Looking Forward

Looking back to move forward One of my favorite times is the start of a new year. It is time…

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Choosing Featured Product Photos & Styles

Choosing a Product Photo Style When it comes to marketing your products, there are many aspects to consider from styling…

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Featured image for “Luka Marble Designs: Product Session”

Luka Marble Designs: Product Session

These beautiful marble coasters are a beautiful addition to my home office. I was excited about the opportunity to collaborate…

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Featured image for “Product Photography Behind the Scene Setup”

Product Photography Behind the Scene Setup

Over the past few months, I have been learning news skills for product photography and am fascinated at all of…

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Featured image for “Woven and Wool Product Session”

Woven and Wool Product Session

I recently had the opportunity to work with a small business, Woven and Wool, who creates unique and easy do-it-yourself…

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Featured image for “Business Headshots vs Branding Sessions”

Business Headshots vs Branding Sessions

Today on the blog, I am answering some common questions asked regarding business headshots and personal branding sessions. How do…

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Featured image for “Good2Great Landscape”

Good2Great Landscape

I had the opportunity to photograph completed landscape projects for Good2Great Landscape Co for their website and marketing needs. From their…

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Featured image for “You Graduated College, Now What?”

You Graduated College, Now What?

The college years can be fun. They can be extremely challenging. Yet, they can also yield fruitful life experiences. Take…

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Featured image for “Product Review: SnapIt Boards”

Product Review: SnapIt Boards

I have been learning product photography and one of my favorite products to use is the SnapIt Boards photography backdrop.…

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Featured image for “Beat the Heat”

Beat the Heat

There’s no better way to beat the heat than quench your thirst with a nice glass of ice cold water.…

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Featured image for “Bethanie Photography: Branding Headshot”

Bethanie Photography: Branding Headshot

I recently had the opportunity to trade headshots with a friend from our local camera club and it turned out…

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Featured image for “Wine Tasting Theresa: Traveling Vineyard”

Wine Tasting Theresa: Traveling Vineyard

My friend Theresa has a Traveling Vineyards wine business and we decided to do a little product photography for her…

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Featured image for “Sechler Law Firm Corporate Headshots”

Sechler Law Firm Corporate Headshots

Below are some corporate headshots for I photographed for Sechler Law Firm, LLC in Mars, PA. For more information about…

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Featured image for “Beatty LinkedIn Headshots”

Beatty LinkedIn Headshots

A professional headshot could be everything that makes a difference for your first impression. As part of my LinkedIn Profile…

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Featured image for “Flourish Academy Self Defense Class”

Flourish Academy Self Defense Class

As a part of the Flourish Academy, we have many opportunities to learn photography, editing tools, business processes and so…

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Featured image for “K-Love Single Mom’s Event”

K-Love Single Mom’s Event

What a fun evening celebrating mom’s at the K-Love Single Mom’s event. Everyone had so much fun listening to live…

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Featured image for “Women of Grace Exhale Leader Event”

Women of Grace Exhale Leader Event

My first opportunity to photograph an event was at the Women of Grace Leader Event called Exhale. This was a…

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