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Whether you are a small business, non-profit, local boutique, handmade Etsy shop, or selling on Amazon, you need quality images to showcase your products and services. This creates a positive customer experience as your past, present and future clients will see who you are and what you offer through the lens of professional imagery.

The digital files from these sessions could be used to create promotional materials for digital marketing such as website and social media presence, print marketing including brochures and flyers, email marketing or digital images to be used in an online storefront to sell products and services. The possibilities are endless.


Often times, confusion surrounds who owns the images that are created and what you as the client are allowed to do with them. Here is a quick summary of how copyright and commercial photography works.

For a creative fee (session fee), a client hires a photographer to create images that will be used to promote their business. In addition to the creative fee, you will also pay for permission to use those images for your business. This is what is called Digital File Licensing. The photographer ultimately retains the copyright to the image, but as the client, you can have a license to use them.

The cost for the rights to use the image is dependent on how the image will be used. For example, for a small business using the images on social media or their website, a smaller licensing fee can be expected. However, an image used for a national company for billboards and television campaigns can expect a higher licensing fee.


Overall, you have to ask yourself what your end goal is with hiring a photographer to help market your business. Yes, you could technically snap a quick photo with the latest iPhone. However, the quality of a photo taken at high resolution will give you more capability for marketing via multiple avenues. Personally, I believe that small businesses, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs should have a library of images they can pull from throughout the year to help promote their business.

I would love an opportunity to chat with you about how I can help elevate your business through professional digital imagery. Let’s schedule a quick 15 minute discovery call and chat about your project.

You BELIEVE in your products and services, now let’s CREATE a photography solution to INSPIRE others to believe in it too!

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