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A Dynamic Duo for planning and progress

Running a small business is both exciting and hard. When you add in life and other responsibilities, sometimes it can be overwhelming to manage it all. I have been in business since 2018 (I can hardly believe it) and have utilized many tools, apps, planner styles, trainings and more. Two of my most trusted resources have been consistent for several years now and I want to share them with you. My goal is always to help other businesses succeed, primarily through my photography services. However, I am sharing a little behind the scenes of what keeps forward progress going in my personal and professional life. What I am talking about is the Full Focus Planner and the Flourish Academy Elevate coaching program. 

Full Focus Planner - Your Roadmap to Productivity

I have tried a lot of different planner types… a lot. The Full Focus planner by Michael Hyatt, resonates with me the most. While it may be a bit on the pricey side for a planner, what I love about it is the ability to plan and schedule on a quarterly basis. At the beginning of the year, I lay out what I would like to accomplish for the year and then will utilize the Full Focus Planner to break down those goals on a quarterly and monthly basis. Once those are laid out, weekly and daily tasks are easier to focus on. I LOVE the fact that this planner forces me to do a weekly preview and again at the end of the quarter. This is so helpful for doing my annual review and realizing how I have won by accomplishing what I set out to do. Of course, there are goals I don’t achieve, but that is okay because in my mind progress is better than perfect.

Here are my top 3 reasons why this planner is amazing

  • It has a comprehensive goal-setting framework for quarterly, monthly, and weekly planning. This planner helps break down business goals into actionable steps.

  • Emphasizes strategic time blocking for effective task prioritization. Add in a Pomodoro timer (not on your phone) and you are getting stuff done.

  • I love that it encourages reflection and improvement. I enjoy recording a daily win, especially on the hard days. It is helpful in being mindful and looking for positives.

You can find amazing resources with goal setting courses and planners at the Full Focus Store. They even have a podcast you can follow along for productivity tips on the Focus on This Podcast.

The Flourish Academy Elevate Program

I am a firm believer that everybody needs a coach, either in business, life or both. This is what the Flourish Academy Elevate program is for me. I have been a part of this group since its inception and it has been a key element of my growth in both business and life. Being in a group with other business owners helps to not feel like we are on an island all by ourselves. We have resources to bounce off of each other and our mentor, Heather is the best in helping us to question why we believe something won’t work and move toward our goals of trying it anyway. This program is not just for Photographers, it is for small business owners who want to move past their limiting beliefs toward the goals of their future.

You can find more information about Flourish Academy Elevate here. Heather also has a weekly podcast that is chalk full of helpful insights, interviews and encouragement. Check out the Flourish Academy Podcast here.

In conclusion, I am excited that I found the Full Focus Planner and Flourish Academy’s Elevate program. Together, they form a dynamic duo for my small business success. Investing in these resources is a strategic move for any small business owner aiming to navigate challenges and achieve long-term success. I hope you found this helpful. Please feel free to reach out if you want to learn more or work together to help you move forward toward your business goals.


  1. Thank you. These are great resources for those who want to set their small businesses up for success by using goal setting strategies.

  2. You know how I feel about Elevate; it’s an essential productivity tool for business owners!

    For planners, I have not used the Full Focus one specifically, but I have a similar goal-setting strategies and productivity planning in place for my Artful Agenda because you know I’m a digital girl. I also love to record daily wins!

    1. Ah yes! We share the same thoughts. I tried the Artful Agenda before, but for some reason I prefer a paper and pen method! Either way, planning is so helpful and I am happy we share the same sentiments.

  3. You know I LOVE Elevate, but the Full Focus Planner sounds amazing. My goal this year is to be much more INTENTIONAL (that’s my word for the year 🙂 about planning and goal setting strategies, so I’m going to look into this (and Jes’ digital option too ;-).

  4. Amy, I love the Full Focus Planner as well! The goal setting strategies that are built in really helped me stay on track during COVID lockdown especially. And of course, you know I’m a diehard Elevator! You have some great small business productivity ideas here, thank you!

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