What is a Personal Branding Session

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Details of a branding session

A question I am asked often is “What is a Branding Session and how does it differ from just plain old headshots”? That is a very good question that I am hoping to answer here today.

A branding session is a creative way to showcase your business virtually. It allows you to show your potential clients the complete story of who you are and what you are about. It also provides a way to showcase the products and services you provide to your clients.

A brand photo shoot is typically a pre-planned session and often times incorporates items that show who you are and what you do. 

How do you decide what you want your brand session to look like?

That depends on you. What do you want to showcase online about your business? Do you want to show an office setting? Incorporate family in your session if it is a family owned business. Think about the image you want to display.

In this example, my friend Theresa, with 2-bn Contracting wanted to showcase her business as a woman and minority owned business, but she also wanted to include her family as well so we incorporated a separate family shoot.

What is included in a brand session?

Your photography session doesn’t need to be stressful. Prior to a session, we meet to discuss what it is you are looking for. What do you want to convey to potential clients? During every session, we capture:

  1. Headshots – You will need a headshot or two for updating your social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or wherever you can be found online. These don’t have to be a boring plain background photo. Think of creative ways to showcase your personality in a headshot. 
  2. Lifestyle – What do you like to do in your free time? Have any hobbies? Want to showcase the importance of family to you and your business? We’ll think of creative ways to showcase your business and your personality through these images.
  3. At work / behind the scenes –  This is where we show what you do. Do you have a great office space set up? Remember, this photo session will potentially feed you content for 6-months to a year so try to think of ways you can create timeless images.
  4. Tools of your trade – If you have unique tools that help you do your job, we can incorporate those in your photo session as well.

Every session is different, because every person and how they run their business is different. That is why I am passionate about coming alongside small businesses and entrepreneurs to create amazing photographs to help promote their business and showcase what sets you apart from your competition!

Reach out today and let’s chat about how I can help you capture amazing, scroll-stopping images to showcase your business online.

You BELIEVE in your product or cause, now let’s CREATE a solution to INSPIRE others to believe in it too!

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